Frequently Asked Questions

This survey was initiated by the Singapore team of WISE - WASH in Southeast Asia to support COVID-19 efforts in Singapore. With a mission to act towards social and environmental change, WISE has been running community development, capacity building and behaviour change projects in Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia since 2016. Our Behaviour Change Hackathon was shortlisted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network as one of ‘50 game-changing projects led by young people’.

Learn more about WISE at our organisation website.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we go about our daily lives: practising physical distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitiser, and so on. Not all of us has found it easy to adjust, and we won't know how long we will have to persevere. What we do know is that we will have to work together to overcome the pandemic.

By gathering and sharing data on our COVID-19 related behaviours, we aim to:

  • Create awareness of each other's behaviours
  • Facilitate understanding of the factors that drive our behaviours
  • Help others strategise their behaviour change efforts

Learn more about the project in our detailed information sheet.

The results are shared on this website so that policymakers and ground up movements alike can use the information to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Check out our findings on the 'Insights' page.

If you are currently in Singapore and at least 14 years old, yes please!

We recognise that not everyone will be able or willing (with good reason) to participate in this online survey. To minimise such barriers, we are:

  • Translating the survey to as many languages as possible;
  • Offering an option to be interviewed instead;
  • Collaborating with partners to reach specific segments of the population.

The survey is available in other languages, translated with the help of our volunteers!

Currently available: Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Tagalog, Tamil.

In progress: Korean, Malay, Telugu.

Check the table for your unique ID and upcoming submission date. If you don’t see yours, please contact us.

Each question addresses a different behaviour and factor. Our survey covers more than 10 behaviours and 17 behavioural factors. This level of detail enables us to generate a meaningful understanding of people’s behaviours and the motivators driving them.

Experts predict that the pandemic could continue in waves beyond 2022. We plan to run the survey until at least the end of 2020, and we will adjust the survey questions based on the situation in Singapore.

For example, after circuit breaker measures are eased, the behaviours we will ask about will change accordingly. As such, in the survey, you can indicate if you want to continue participating in the survey every few weeks to share about your behaviours over time.